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UP Board Solution for Class 6 - Download UP Board Solution Class 6 Maths, Civics, गणित और विज्ञान etc - PDF

Navigating the curriculum for Class 6 under the UP Board can be a comprehensive experience that involves mastering various subjects such as Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies, amongst others. The UP Board Solution for Class 6 aims to provide students with clear explanations, step-by-step problem-solving methods, and reliable reference material to aid understanding and retention of key concepts. Each solution is designed to align with the latest syllabus and educational guidelines mandated by the UP Board, ensuring that students are well-prepared for their examinations. Additionally, the solutions often integrate illustrative examples and practice questions to enable thorough revision and self-assessment. This structured approach not only helps students accurately tackle their homework but also equips them with the skills needed for academic success.

Here is a list of UP Board solutions for Class 6 PDF such as Maths, Hindi, Science, History, Social Studies, EVS, English, Sanskrit, select any one these to download UP Board solutions for Class 6 PDF.





Social Studies




Introduction to UP Board Solution for Class 6

The UP Board Solution for Class 6 is a comprehensive educational resource tailored to meet the learning needs of students in Uttar Pradesh's educational system. These solutions are designed to align with the curriculum set by the Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad (UPMSP), ensuring that all topics and concepts are covered thoroughly. The solutions provide detailed explanations, step-by-step methodologies, and illustrative examples to enhance students' understanding of various subjects, including Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. By utilizing these solutions, students can build a strong academic foundation, develop critical thinking skills, and perform better in their assessments.


Subject wise UP Board Solution Class 6


The Mathematics section of the UP Board Solution for Class 6 is structured to build a solid foundation in basic mathematical concepts. Each chapter includes comprehensive explanations, numerous solved examples, and plenty of practice problems. Topics covered range from basic arithmetic, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, to more complex subjects like fractions, decimals, geometry, and introductory algebra. By working through these solutions, students gain the skills necessary to solve mathematical problems efficiently and accurately.


In the Science section, students are introduced to fundamental scientific concepts that spur curiosity and encourage exploration. The solutions cover chapters on topics such as living organisms, the environment, matter, energy, and the principles of physics and chemistry. Each chapter contains detailed theoretical explanations, fun experiments, and practical applications. These solutions foster a deeper understanding of scientific phenomena and develop essential analytical skills.

Social Studies

The Social Studies section aims to provide students with a broad understanding of history, geography, and civics. The curriculum includes comprehensive lessons on ancient civilizations, important historical events, geographical features of India and the world, along with the workings of government and citizenship. These solutions emphasize critical thinking and the ability to understand and analyze social issues, helping students to become informed and responsible citizens.


The English section is designed to improve students' proficiency in the language. It covers grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing skills through engaging texts and exercises. Each chapter is crafted to enhance reading and writing abilities while also fostering a love for literature. The solutions provide clear explanations and plenty of examples, ensuring students grasp the nuances of the English language and can communicate effectively.


In the Hindi section, students are introduced to Hindi grammar, vocabulary, literature, and composition. The solutions include detailed explanations of grammar rules, word meanings, and usage, along with summaries and analyses of various literary pieces. These comprehensive resources aid in improving reading, writing, and comprehension skills in Hindi, allowing students to express themselves eloquently in their native language.


Download UP Board Class 6 Solution Maths

The UP Board Class 6 Maths Solutions are meticulously designed to cater to the learning needs of students, aligning seamlessly with the UPMSP curriculum. They encompass a wide array of mathematical topics, featuring structured explanations, solved examples, and ample practice exercises to facilitate a thorough grasp of concepts. Here's an overview of what students can expect from the Maths solutions:

  1. Number Systems: Detailed explanations of natural numbers, whole numbers, integers, and rational numbers, accompanied by exercises to ensure students can perform basic operations with ease.
  2. Arithmetic Operations: Methodical descriptions and examples of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, with specific focus on problem-solving techniques.
  3. Fractions and Decimals: Comprehensive coverage of fraction basics, types of fractions, operations with fractions, and decimal concepts, ensuring students understand conversion between fractions and decimals.
  4. Geometry: An introduction to basic geometric shapes, properties of lines and angles, construction and measurement of shapes, and the foundational principles of symmetry and congruence.
  5. Data Handling: Guidance on collecting, organizing, and interpreting data, including the use of bar graphs, pie charts, and tables for visual representation.
  6. Algebra: Introduction to algebraic expressions, understanding variables, simplification of expressions, and solving basic algebraic equations.
  7. Mensuration: Step-by-step procedures for calculating the perimeter and area of various two-dimensional shapes such as rectangles, squares, and triangles.
  8. Practical Geometry: Practical instruction on the use of tools such as rulers, compasses, and protractors to draw and measure geometric figures accurately.

By engaging with these solutions, students can expect to build robust mathematical skills, develop logical reasoning, and enhance their problem-solving abilities, laying a solid foundation for future academic success.


Download UP Board Class 6 Science Solutions

The UP Board Class 6 Science Solutions provide a comprehensive guide to understanding fundamental scientific principles, fostering a love for inquiry and discovery among students. The solutions are systematically designed to align with the UPMSP curriculum, ensuring that students grasp key concepts and are well-prepared for their assessments. Here's an overview of what students can expect from the Science solutions:

  1. Living Organisms: Detailed explanations on the characteristics and classification of living organisms, the structure and function of cells, and the basics of plant and animal physiology.
  2. The Environment: Insights into various ecosystems, the interdependence of living and non-living components, and the significance of conservation and sustainable practices.
  3. Matter: An introductory exploration of matter, its states (solid, liquid, gas), and the properties and changes that matter undergoes, including physical and chemical changes.
  4. Energy: Understanding different forms of energy, such as kinetic, potential, thermal, and electrical energy, and the principles of energy transfer and conservation.
  5. Principles of Physics: A glance at fundamental physics concepts, including motion, force, work, and simple machines, with practical examples and experiments to illustrate these principles.
  6. Principles of Chemistry: Basic concepts in chemistry, such as elements, compounds, mixtures, and the periodic table, along with simple chemical reactions and laboratory safety guidelines.
  7. Human Body: Comprehensive coverage of human anatomy and physiology, including the major systems of the body (digestive, respiratory, circulatory, etc.), their functions, and maintaining good health.
  8. Natural Phenomena: Explanation of natural phenomena such as weather, climate, and natural disasters (earthquakes, volcanoes), and the scientific principles behind them.

Each chapter provides students with clear and concise theoretical explanations, supplemented by diagrams, illustrations, and hands-on activities that make learning interactive and engaging. By utilizing these solutions, students gain a thorough understanding of scientific concepts, develop critical thinking and analytical skills, and cultivate a genuine interest in the world around them.


UP Board Class 6 Solution pdf for Social Studies

The UP Board Class 6 Social Studies Solutions offer a thorough and engaging exploration of history, geography, and civics, ensuring students gain a comprehensive understanding of social structures and the world around them. Designed in alignment with the UPMSP curriculum, these solutions present students with a blend of theoretical concepts and practical knowledge, aimed at fostering critical thinking and social awareness. Here's an overview of what students can expect from the Social Studies solutions:

  1. History:
  • Ancient Civilizations: In-depth study of early human societies, the development of agriculture, and the rise of ancient civilizations such as Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Indus Valley, and China.
  • Medieval Period: Examination of the medieval period, focusing on the major empires, kingdoms, and significant cultural developments.
  • Historical Figures: Biographical sketches of important historical figures and their contributions to society, culture, and the shaping of history.
  1. Geography:
  • The Earth and its Features: Detailed study of the Earth’s physical features, including continents, oceans, landforms, and climatic zones.
  • Natural Resources: Exploration of natural resources, their types, utilization, and the need for conservation and sustainable management.
  • Human Geography: Understanding human settlements, agriculture, industry, and urbanization, and how humans interact with their environment.
  1. Civics:
  • Community and Society: Insights into the structure of communities and societies, focusing on the roles and responsibilities of individuals within a community.
  • Government and Democracy: Understanding the basic principles of government, types of governance, the democratic process, and the role of government in society.
  • Rights and Duties: Education on fundamental rights and duties, promoting awareness of individual rights and the importance of civic responsibilities.

Each chapter is crafted to offer students a balanced mix of factual information, analysis, and activities that encourage engagement and understanding. Diagrams, maps, visual aids, and interactive exercises are integrated into the lessons to enhance comprehension and retention. By engaging with these solutions, students will build a solid foundation in social studies, learn to appreciate the diversity of human experience, and develop a keen interest in the functioning of societies and the world at large.



The UP Board Class 6 Solutions for Science and Social Studies provide invaluable resources for young learners, helping them to build a strong academic foundation in these crucial subjects. By engaging with these systematically designed materials, students can foster a lifelong love for learning, develop critical thinking skills, and gain a deeper understanding of the world around them. These solutions not only support students in excelling in their assessments but also encourage them to explore, question, and appreciate the complexities of natural and social phenomena. As they progress through their educational journey, the knowledge and skills acquired from these solutions will undoubtedly serve as a solid base for future academic and personal success.

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