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Imagine a world where learning feels like an exciting adventure every day. With the UP Board Solution for Class 3, this dream becomes a reality. Our comprehensive and engaging educational tool is specially designed to captivate young minds, blending fun with fundamental concepts. Each lesson is thoughtfully crafted to ensure that students not only understand the material but also develop a genuine love for learning. Whether it’s mastering math problems or exploring the wonders of science, the UP Board Solution for Class 3 promises to transform everyday studies into an enjoyable and enriching experience. Join us in creating a brighter future for your child's education!

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Introduction to UP Board Solution for Class 3

The UP Board Solution for Class 3 is designed to provide comprehensive support to young learners, laying a strong foundation for their academic journey. These solutions encompass a wide range of subjects, including Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts, aligning with the curriculum prescribed by the Uttar Pradesh Board of Basic Education. Through a blend of interactive exercises, illustrative examples, and engaging activities, the UP Board Solution aims to create an enriching learning experience for students. These tailored solutions not only help in grasping fundamental concepts but also enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills essential for their future academic success.


Subject-wise UP Board Class 3 Solutions


The Mathematics solution for Class 3 under the UP Board is meticulously curated to strengthen the numerical and analytical abilities of young learners. The curriculum covers fundamental topics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and basic geometry. Interactive exercises and step-by-step problem-solving techniques help students grasp complex mathematical concepts with ease. Visual aids and hands-on activities further enhance understanding, making maths an enjoyable subject for students.


The Science solution is designed to spark curiosity and encourage exploration among Class 3 students. Covering essential topics like plants, animals, the human body, and basic physical phenomena, the curriculum aims to provide a solid grounding in scientific principles. Engaging activities, experiments, and real-life examples help students connect theoretical knowledge with practical applications, fostering a deeper interest in the natural world.

Social Studies

Social Studies solutions for Class 3 focus on broadening students' understanding of their community, country, and the world. The curriculum includes lessons on local and national geography, history, and civics. Students learn about important historical events, cultural heritage, and the functioning of government institutions. Interactive map-reading sessions and storytelling approaches make learning about the world both informative and fun.

Language Arts

The Language Arts solution aims to develop proficient communication skills in Class 3 students. The curriculum encompasses reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary building. Through a variety of reading materials, creative writing exercises, and language games, students enhance their comprehension, articulation, and expressive capabilities. Emphasis on both Hindi and English languages ensures a balanced linguistic development, preparing students for future academic challenges.

By tailoring these subject-specific solutions, the UP Board ensures that every child receives a well-rounded education that caters to their individual needs and potential.


Download UP Board Solution Class 3 Maths PDF

The UP Board Solution for Class 3 Maths is structured to provide a thorough understanding of foundational mathematical concepts. Recognizing the importance of early mathematical literacy, this curriculum is designed to be both engaging and educational. Here’s a detailed overview of what students will encounter in their Class 3 Maths journey:

Key Concepts Covered

  1. Number Sense:
    • Understanding of numbers up to 1000.
    • Learning to read, write, and compare numbers.
    • Introduction to odd and even numbers.
    1. Addition and Subtraction:
    • Mastery of basic addition and subtraction facts.
    • Application of these operations in real-life scenarios.
    • Use of word problems to build problem-solving skills.
    1. Multiplication and Division:
    • Introduction to the concepts of multiplication and division.
    • Learning multiplication tables up to 10.
    • Simple division problems with visual aids and storytelling methods.
    1. Geometry:
    • Basic shapes and their properties.
    • Understanding simple 2D and 3D geometric shapes.
    • Introduction to spatial relationships and symmetry.
    1. Measurement:
    • Understanding units of measurement (length, weight, and capacity).
    • Practical exercises to measure objects.
    • Learning to use tools like rulers and weighing scales.
    1. Time and Money:
    • Reading clocks and understanding time.
    • Introduction to currencies and simple monetary transactions.
    • Exercises involving addition and subtraction with money.
    1. Data Handling:
    • Basic introduction to data collection and representation.
    • Simple bar charts and pictograms.
    • Engaging activities to interpret data.

    Learning Tools and Activities

    1. Interactive Exercises:
    • Digital platforms and apps for practice.
    • Games and puzzles to reinforce math concepts.
    1. Illustrative Examples:
    • Step-by-step problem-solving guides.
    • Visual aids like charts, diagrams, and flashcards.
    1. Hands-on Activities:
    • Practical activities using everyday materials.
    • Group projects to enhance cooperative learning.


    1. Assessment and Evaluation:
    • Regular quizzes and tests to track progress.
    • Feedback sessions to address individual learning needs.

    By incorporating these comprehensive elements, the UP Board’s Class 3 Maths Solution aims to make mathematics a fun and insightful subject. The goal is to create a strong foundation that will support students’ mathematical understanding and abilities in higher classes.


    UP Board Solution Class 3 Hindi textbook solutions

    The UP Board Solution for Class 3 Hindi is thoughtfully structured to build a strong foundation in the language, facilitating effective communication skills and an appreciation for Hindi literature. Understanding the integral role that language plays in a student's overall development, this curriculum ensures a balanced approach to reading, writing, and grammar. Here’s a detailed overview of the components included in the Class 3 Hindi curriculum:

    Key Concepts Covered

    1. Reading and Comprehension:
    • Exposure to a variety of texts like stories, poems, and essays.
    • Focus on improving reading fluency and comprehension skills.
    • Exercises to enhance the ability to infer, predict, and summarize content.
    1. Writing Skills:
    • Practice in writing sentences, paragraphs, and short essays.
    • Introduction to creative writing through stories and poem composition.
    • Emphasis on neat handwriting and correct punctuation.
    1. Grammar:
    • Understanding basic grammar rules including nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and tenses.
    • Exercises to practice sentence formation and correct usage of grammar.
    • Illustrative examples to explain grammatical concepts.
    1. Vocabulary Building:
    • Introduction to new words through reading materials.
    • Activities to enhance vocabulary retention and usage.
    • Use of word games to make learning new words enjoyable.
    1. Spelling and Pronunciation:
    • Regular spelling drills to improve accuracy in writing.
    • Practice sessions for correct pronunciation of words.
    • Use of phonetic methods to aid in proper pronunciation.

    Learning Tools and Activities

    1. Interactive Sessions:
    • Digital resources like educational videos and e-books.
    • Language apps for interactive learning and practice.
    • Classroom discussions and group activities to improve verbal skills.
    1. Illustrative Examples:
    • Visual aids like charts and flashcards to explain concepts.
    • Annotated texts to highlight key points and grammatical structures.
    1. Hands-on Activities:
    • Creative writing tasks using various prompts and themes.
    • Group projects and presentations to foster collaborative learning.
    1. Assessment and Evaluation:
    • Regular tests and quizzes to monitor progress.
    • Feedback and remedial sessions to address learning gaps.
    • Continuous assessment through assignments and oral presentations.

    By integrating these comprehensive elements, the UP Board’s Class 3 Hindi Solution aims to make learning Hindi a stimulating and enriching experience. The focus is on creating a robust foundation that will aid students in mastering the language and performing well in higher classes.


    UP Board Solution Class 3 EVS

    The UP Board Solution for Class 3 EVS (Environmental Studies) is designed to create an awareness of the world around children, fostering a sense of curiosity and responsibility towards the environment. This curriculum covers a wide range of topics aimed at building a foundational understanding of the natural and social environment.

    Key Concepts Covered

    1. Our Surroundings:
    • Introduction to different types of environments (urban, rural, natural).
    • Understanding the characteristics and differences between living and non-living things.
    • Basic knowledge about plants, animals, and their habitats.
    1. Human Body and Health:
    • Basic anatomy and functions of body parts.
    • Importance of hygiene and healthy habits.
    • Introduction to common diseases and ways to prevent them.
    1. Family and Friends:
    • Understanding family structures and relationships.
    • Learning about different types of families and their roles.
    • Importance of friends and social interactions in our lives.
    1. Food:
    • Sources of food (plants and animals).
    • Different types of food and their nutritional value.
    • Understanding healthy eating habits and the importance of balanced diets.
    1. Shelter:
    • Varieties of houses and shelters across different regions.
    • Materials used in house construction.
    • Importance of safe and clean living environments.
    1. Water:
    • Sources and types of water (freshwater, saltwater).
    • Importance of water for living organisms.
    • Ways to conserve water and prevent pollution.
    1. Travel and Communication:
    • Different modes of transportation and their uses.
    • Means of communication and their importance in daily life.
    • History and evolution of communication methods.

    Learning Tools and Activities

    1. Interactive Sessions:
    • Use of multimedia resources like videos and virtual tours to explain concepts.
    • Group discussions and debates to encourage critical thinking.
    • Field trips to local parks, farms, or museums to provide practical exposure.
    1. Illustrative Examples:
    • Visual aids like posters, charts, and models to explain topics.
    • Use of storytelling to build a connection with the subject matter.
    • Real-life examples to relate concepts to students' daily experiences.
    1. Hands-on Activities:
    • Experiments and hands-on projects to engage students in active learning.
    • Creative crafts and model-making to enhance understanding.
    • Group activities to foster teamwork and collaborative learning.
    1. Assessment and Evaluation:
    • Regular quizzes and tests to check comprehension and retention.
    • Project work and assignments to assess practical understanding.
    • Continuous feedback and remedial sessions to support individual learning needs.

    By integrating these comprehensive elements, the UP Board’s Class 3 EVS Solution aims to build a strong foundation in environmental awareness and social responsibility. The goal is to nurture well-rounded individuals who appreciate and care for the world around them, preparing them for more complex environmental concepts in higher classes.

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